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An audio system is a harmonious and total balance of audio players and components to hear the highest possible sound quality and ultimately one which creates an immersive and joyful experience. 

Performance audio stands and isolation are fundamental to this, helping to achieve the best possible and musical performance from 'your system'. For an audio component to perform at its best it requires a very low noise audio surface to support it, mitigating against excessive vibration and damaging resonances reaching the product's internal components. This is easily heard within a few seconds of a demonstration, and yet is a fact that is easily forgotten.

Throughout the Lateral Audio product range, design principles are used to achieve fast transient and low noise designs: premium materials, energy dissipation techniques, low noise components and contacts, harmonious materials, and resonance control throughout. 

The product range compliments a range of performance levels and price points: from LAS-9 Cadenz for contemporary systems through to higher performance systems with the LAS-4 Concert and Amp XM series. Higher performance systems consist of mulitple stands and amplifier stands for heavy weight stereo/mono amplifiers.

The Isolation Geometry series provides increased isolation to specific areas of the audio system with LAS-CC, LAS-CF and LAS-CP.

Lateral Audio brings together a long term passion for music and audio systems, technically coupled by design principles, and all for the achievement of the highest sound quality and audio performance.

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