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Demo Rooms

At Basically Sound, we believe that you should always audition the equipment before making a final decision. To facilitate this, we have two demonstration rooms available, each different to the other to allow the customer to choose one that will be similar in size to their own listening room at home.

Hi-Fi Demo Room at Basically Sound Norfolk

Small Demo Room

Our smaller demo room measures 4.5m in length by 3.0m across the width. With the speakers firing down the length of the room we find this room offers the ability to hear detail and fully appreciate the system's soundstage & image. As a result, we do find that this room gets used more frequently. It's great for turntable demos and our own turntable set-up tests as well.

Large Demo Room

Our larger demo room, measuring 6.0m in length and 4.5m across its width, is normally set-up with the loudspeakers firing down the length of the room. The room is excellent for larger system demos and gives the listener a real sense of the scale and dynamics of higher end solutions, especially when using larger floor standing loudspeakers.

The room also gets used for our manufacturer promotions and About The Music events, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 15 people.

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