Meze Headphone Trade-In Offer

24th May 2022

Meze Audio are kicking off the summer with a limited-time trade in promotion. For audiophiles with a set of headphones that have seen better days and are in need of a refresh, Meze’s new deal is borderline unmissable!!!

How Does The Trade-In Work?

Simply pick up your unwanted headphones, bring them along to ourselves @ Basically Sound and claim an impressive 15% discount on one of the following models high-end models:

Trade in your old headphones for £299 off the Meze LiricLiric

The first Meze high-end hybrid array headphone to also feature a closed back. Liric is built around Meze and Rinaro's remarkable MZ4 driver which combines dual voice coils and presents the perfect immersive listening experience.

Get £399 off Meze Empyrean when you trade in your old headphonesEmpyrean

Meze’s former flagship headphone model, the Empyrean delivers incredibly dynamic audio with precision, detail and increased sound wave exposure thanks to its unique combination of separate voice coil designs.

Claim an amazing £599 when you trade in your old headphones against Meze's EliteElite

At the top of the Meze pyramid is their most coveted model to date. Elite harnesses the power of Rinaro’s MZ3SE hybrid array driver featuring a unique and even trademarked Parus diaphragm material. The remarkable listening experience with Elite offers natural sound transparency along with a wide and articulate soundstage.

The Meze Trade-In promotion is available on any working headphones but free 'accessory style' headphones such as Apple EarPods are unfortunately not eligible. Beyond this there are no specific prerequisites for the headphones being traded in. Basically Sound must simply be able to demonstrate that they work in-store, and your discount will be unlocked.

Offer ends Friday 24th June



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